Duhai Matahari,
Bila kau lenyap dari pandangan mataku,
hidupku akan menjadi gelap gelita,
tetapi bukan untuk selema-lamanya,
kerana bulan akan datang dan menerangi malam yang gelap,
walaupun hidupku diterangi dengn cahaya bulan,
aku tetap mencari Matahari yang telah pergi....

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The Pieces of Me
it has been a while after my last post. every moments being here i spent very wisely as i'll never experience it again. as im gonna remember it forever. as i'm gonna to laugh when i look at those pictures. because i know, time will never turning back. im gonna put the PIECES of me in a puzzle. a puzzle that can show a beautiful picture of LIFE.because...

u will never know, the possibility, the chances and the HERO inside u, if u never try to make it..

u will never feel, the bliss, the juicy and the spice of life, if u never taste it..

u will never suffer, the loneliness, the hardwork, and the anxiety, if you dont experienced it..

and u have to believe, a LIFE should be treasured, should be cherished, and should be loved by everyone in this world because, u will never know..when its going to end...

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