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*Finally i find a time to breath after a long silence. Im sorry to readers (if any) for ignoring this blog stuff.

First, Im done with my projects. Second, Im done with my final exams.Third, Im done with my presentations.And the important is, Im DONE with my degree. Insyaallah. What on earth im thinking about?? I am officially unemployed with no money in my pockets and single at the moment.(Do i have to mention that?) hu3.

Honestly, i have no idea what im going to write for this post after a long silence.Too many things to share, too many things to tell about. And what i am really sure is, i have nothing to do right now. Owh, stuck in utp for two days with nothing to do will kill yourself, believe me (NOT). Hurmm, lets put things like this. There is one thing i curious to know. There is one thing that keep playing in my mind. A question that is very subjective, can be lots of answers, and might be no answers at all for my curiosity.

Do people really care about money? Is money for everything or everything is money? Do people really can pay for what they wanna do? Or its just a common assumptions that people love to do.

Recently, people always talk about the job they are going to choose, how much they wanna earn, when they want to get married, what a life they wanna have and so on.Everything do relates to money. I just wondering, do people with more money will have a good life? If there is a choice, do you want to be a single person but rich, or a married person but poor? I do have my personal thought about these Qs but i still doubt it, if there are still reasons that must be put into considerations.

TV Dramas do show that money is a big influence on a person's life.Im no fan of Malay Drama, but most of them gave the same impressions to the poor person. There is said saying that, "The rich become richer, the poor become poorer". I dont really know the true meaning of any of this, but i certainly do believe it. Subjective right?? Hu3..
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