Tag Episode 5: Of Random Six
* I've been tag by Kak Yan few days ago. and here it goes:-

Go to your photos folder in your computer.
Go to the 6th folder of photos.
Go to the 6th picture in that folder.
Put the picture on your blog and description of it.

Invite six friends to join the challenge.

Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged

The picture of Lisa and Karimah.
Taken during i-chem dinner.
The theme was Hari Raya.
We eat, we sing, and we laugh together.
We really had a great time.
Friendship never dies lol!!

so, i tag:-

p/s: tgk blk album lama2..mmg best!!!

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Of Kejang Tangan
a day of ketuk2 bonang~
never taught it will end up with this wonderful night..

just read about the controversial created by the students- i guess..
somehow effected me a lil bit..but it's not last long..
who cares, we know what we're doing..


it was a very tiring day..
comes to evening, make the conditions more worse..
the eyes show the sleepiness..
the music doesn't sounds nice..
mistakes by mistakes over and over again..

Pak Eddie from Indonesia

Pak Eddie ask to play with him- on stage..
again, there's butterflies in my stomach..
will i do it great?

with Maya from Oberlin USA and Dewi from Gadja Madha, Indonesia

The grand night,
we got trapped under croft almost right before performance..
thank GOD, we managed to find a way out after 20 minutes..
again, surprise from seniors, the came to join the event..
more pressure but it was a pleasure to have them that night..

with seniors

When colors mix together..
When people meet each other..
It such a wonderful night that i'll never forget..
Thank you Sanggar Kirana for being such a great family..
Thank you juniors for being such an understanding sisters and brothers..
And special thanks to Seniors, because of you we are here...

Gamelan is always in my heart!!

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OPS Lemak!!
kerana lemak itu perlu dihapuskan...sindiket ini sungguh bahaya..AWAS!!

Salut!!! Comment allez-vous? Je suis etudiante. Hu3. It has been a while after my last post. Thank you for those who are concern kept reminding me to update The Sound Of Silence. Being quit messy recently with the FYP, FYDP, gamelan and bla bla bla.. It might take sometime for me to get used to it. Alhamdulillah, it almost a month after my new sem begun and i still can survive overhere. ;)

One thing that make me proud of UTP, first for most, finally we owned futsal courts!!! Yahoo.. Its such a good start for me to accomplish my mission. OPS Lemak. hu3. My God!! Such a tradition, almost all students who came back from internship experienced this situation. No offense!! But this is the feedback i got from seniors and friends.

I dont know whos the one that started this Operation, but what i know is, there are some of my friends who are not into sports finally take this opportunity to join this campaign. Hu hu hu. Its very happening when finally i saw the scenario in UTP changed lil bit when it comes to the evening. The jogging track in front of UTP will be hectic with students. Some of them jogging, dating, football, and the most interesting part is playing kites. So cute. Wanna try someday. Hu hu hu ..

And for my initiative, I start with light exercise which is jogging. Yeah, this is my expertise besides sleeping and eating in my small-messy-room. hu hu hu. And today, the Operation improved. I played tennis, and it is something that i can be proud about..After 1 year i didnt touched the racket, I still can play it!! yeah..

Oppss, its already 3.10 am and i got a date with coach Bella tomorrow morning..Yeah, I got this jogging session at 6.30am..catch you later then..

Bonne Nuit.
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