Being tag???
Actually, I don't have any idea of this 'tagging thingy'. Since I've been tagged by Epul, let see what I can do with this thing.

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan:
  1. Porsche Cayman S
  2. White Beach House
  3. Drum Set
  4. Perfumes
  5. 5 more wishes.... =P
Senaraikan alasan atas pilihan anda itu:
  1. Because I know I wont get ONE. Just can dreams about it.
  2. Because I love nature but I can't build a house on top of mountains!!
  3. Because it is a good way to release your tension through music.
  4. Because I love it.
  5. Because 5 wishes never enough.
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i don't really understand about this. is it my impression or, my dream-guy?

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since this tag is related to the above statement. i can't write it.

5 ciptaan yang paling disukai(tdk semestinya melibatkan teknologi yang maju)
  1. Human-beings.
  2. Sugar Glider
  3. Sushi
  4. Ice-creams
  5. Watch
Apakah perkara yang paling dibenci?
  1. Hypocrites
  2. Back-stubborn
  3. Snakes
  4. Fat
  5. Anything that i don't like
5 Orang yang yang mahu anda tag:
  1. YOU
  2. YOU
  3. YOU
  4. YOU
  5. YOU
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It almost two weeks I struggling with my RM 100 to survive in UTP + home. Finally, the PETRONAS has being very generous to bank in our scholarship today. Thank you PETRONAS. You don't know how much I appreciate it. Hu3. I've been over budget this month since I got lots of things in my mind.

Plus, they bank in our last scholarship two weeks earlier (19 April).
Plus, it looks like McD every weeks.
Plus, I bought something very valuable!!
Plus, it's study + exam week.
Plus, since eat becomes priority.
Plus, celebration is a MUST for every paper that I killed.
Plus, going home!!

Hu3.... Since there is no more classes, no more UTP-life for 8 months, what I'm gonna do for this month scholarship?



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Thank You So Much, Im Sorry, Goodbye

“Thank you for your patience. You may leave the hall now.” The Invigilator.

That’s how the end of this semester. The super duper hectic semester. The tiring one. Ups and downs. But lots of memories. Though, I didn’t feel anything. No exited-ness? Happy? Far from it. Usually, I’m the happiest person in the world when it comes to the very last-final-paper. But dis semester is different. When the invigilator announced to put down your pen, the very first thing that came out of my mind is OMG, Im going for intern dh after dis.No way!!"..No more final paper for another 8 months!! Wow!! –still no sense. I’m supposed to be happy bcz the paper is not that tough. (But it doesn’t mean that I can answer it with flying colors. Just so-so. Hu3). So, I went to my room with no feelings. Just hoping that it would change when I met my friends.

“Oh, Imah and Lisa. Kte dh abes paper dh!!” shouting to them excitedly but it sounds freaky. The emotion and intonation didn’t match each other. Ishk, nape x rase ape2 ni? Tlg la!! Dh abes exam kottttt…I taught I’m the only one that feeling that way, but its not true. I share this feeling with my friends too. (Imah, Macob, Lisa…) hurm… hoping that it would change again when the night comes…

Eventhough it takes like 1 hour to gather all of us (me, lisa, nadia, imah, telok, pisem, hasrol a.k.a ayob, abu, shisha, gedo, majin, mok, and zali), but it really changed my mood for the day. We heading to McDonald’s since everybody were starving and didn’t take our dinner yet. Kami adalah muka2 tegar McD. So jgn tanye kenape McD. Ha3. It looks like almost every week we’ll spend our time at McD to have sundae ice-creams. Nyummyyy~

Lepaking, chatting, while eating was nice. It’s really fun when we started to talk heart to heart about our last2 moment.

“Nnti bile dh kt Labuan tu make sure sume pon pakai webcam”- Abu

“Nnti aku kt Kerteh nnti korg kene slalu visit aku taw!!”- Nadia a.ka. Macob

“Nnti kt Kerteh mane ade internet la Macob!!” – Telok

“Nnti kt JnJ aku sesorg dowh!”- Lisa

“Aku nk kurus intern ni!!” – Anonymous

Continue with photo shooting. Posing. And the very common thing -- Discuss what we’re going to do next. Again, it takes about 1 hour to decide where to go, what to do, who’s differ, who’s agree, who’s x kesah, mane2 pon boley. Aku okey jer.- u know who’s this guy...Ha3. Then, it was karok session since no one point out other ideas. Then, here it goes, three cars moving together heading to Shogun Batu Gajah.

On the way, I’ve a serious conversation with mok and zali talking about our internship.. rumah sewa.. and kerja? How much I felt like im too old to talk about these matters. Kalau dlu, asyik dgr seniors jer ckp psl ni.. hu3. Then, we spent like 2 hours at Shogun. I can see how talented my friends singing Awie’s and Ella’s songs!! Mok, I luv ur voice. Ha3. Nti duet lagi yer… Guess what? We select about 50 songs for that night… but unfortunately, we cant finished them all bcz the Shogun guy already give us warning by blinking the lamp! Crazy night…

Then, we heading to UTP. On the way, we fetch at Ameeth for the very last time before we go for internship. There, I met my KEMBARA friends. They just finished their meeting. How I really feel that I’m gonna miss them lots. We climb the mountains together, we spent our time at mapley together, we go for dinner together, and we have our futsal league together. It almost 3 years I know them and most of them are final year students. So, I’ll not see them after I coming back from internship. Gonna miss u guys…

Then, after eating and chatting about one hour, we decide to go back UTP. But, some of us came out with their crazy idea. They want to go to Lumut. They want to watch the sun rise. Ho ho ho. Very interesting idea but I cannot join them since I didn't finished yet packing all my bags and things. So sad. But I really enjoy the moment we spent together. Here I wanna say thank you sooooo much to all my friends for cherish my days, thank you too all seniors who help me lots in my studies and to survive in UTP. I’m sorry for all my wrong deeds. Hope to see you all during ur convocation day. I’ll come, Insyaallah since my sis also graduate as u r. That’s it. Good bye my friends. See you when I see you. Adios, amigos. Sayonara. Taaa~

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;

When troubles come and my heart burdened be;

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,

Until you come and sit awhile with me.

Thank you.

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100 bucks!!
“Sikit-sikit lame2 jadi bukit”

“Kalau jadi bukit, what can I do?”

“Boley jadi kaye ke?” (whisper )

I’m pretty sure that every single of you have heard about this words. I used to have lots of piggybanks but not even one is full. I have this experience, when I broke my watermelon-piggybank just because to buy an ice-cream. So, from that day, I never use piggybank anymore to save my coins/money because it would be difficult whenever I want to buy something that I want. Kenape x mintak je ngan mak?à Skip that part..hu3. :)

And when I’m 12, my brother gives me a piggybank with a padlock for my achievement in UPSR. (I’ll never forget about it). Thank you bro. U r the best!!:D So, I guess this is good because I wont broke my piggybank anymore because it has padlock. And for your information, it almost 9 years but I still kept the piggybank with me. And it’s here. Right in front of me. He he he.

Last semester, I got this inspiration from my roommate. She has lots of coins. And she inspired me to do so. Do I have to mention her name? Hu3. Okey la.. Her name is Nur Amnanie and people called her Nanie. Looking at her money, I become jealous and I came out with this idea. Whenever I have lunch or dinner, I won’t use my coins. I’ll save it in my piggybank so that I’ll see the outcome. And after about 10 months, TARAAAAAAAAAA…. My piggybank is full. I wonder how much is in it. Is it 50 bucks? Or 100 bucks? Or more than that? I don’t know because I still waiting till the end of this semester to count it. Can’t wait. He3. :D

This is an achievement for me because I never done it before. I’m excited, nervous, ambitious and waiting for the time to count it. So, for this time being, I’m wondering about what I am going to do with the money. I’m thinking to buy something valuable, memorable, and usable and have sentimental value. I want it to be something special that will remains in my memories.

So here people, I need your suggestions and ideas. What should I buy with 100 bucks in my hand?

Handbag- I don’t think the money is enough for a handbag.

Wallet – I just got it for my birthday present.

Dress/shirt – it will not remain forever. Common.

Shoes – Hurmm…boring. :P

Books? – interesting.

What else??? What can we get with 100 bucks?? Think... and think… and think..

Now I realize, I always said that I don’t have money. But actually, when I’ve money, I don’t know how to use it. Most of my scholarship I spent for food. Food and food and food. I enjoy eating!!! Ha ha ha. So, help me out with this friends. I really appreciate it. Thanks. Adios. :)

"Show me the money!! money!! money!!"

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A New Start

I move on from my not-really-user-friendly friendster blog to here. Hope it will be better than the previous one. It’s been awhile from my last entry… I guess I didn’t have ideas to write in this blog. Let see how it works..

Here it goes. A new start of my writing.

Hi Readers, (if I have any),

I guess this is my new start for blogging. Its already 6.10 early in the morning but I still can’t sleep. (Looking at my comfy bed. Soundless). It might be because of a glass of white coffee iced that I took like three hours ago..(mapley oh mapley). This is exam week and I supposed to study. Books on the table, notes like everywhere.. what a messy room u can imagine. I cannot read or study for my final exam at all. I think I’m too lazy, not in the mood and I’m not sleepy. zZzzZZzz. My attention is only to my black-shiny lappy~. So, I guess writing is the best way to spend my time with.

This semester means a lot to me. I’ve learnt lots of things, involve in several events and the best part when I met new friends. Start with Gamelan, and then Euphonious, 4-wheel drive, EDX, and UTP Tennis Open. All these events really left lots of memories in my diaries of life. Thanks to my parents and buddies who are always be by my side through up and down, thanks to my friends who teach me lots of things, thanks to all people around me... You made every seconds in my life very precious. Thank you very much. I can see how my life changed. I’m not a little girl anymore. I’ve to decide my own path, my own choice to lead my future. Too serious right? Hu hu hu. Just pretend to be an adult. Hu hu hu. I still luv ice creams. Don’t worry. I don’t know what I’m thinking right now but someone told me that, keep writing and you’ll feel better. So, this is a new start. I’ll keep writing and writing. I’ll come out with a new melody when I see you again. Catch you later blog!

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