Top 5: the Most Memorable Moments in 2010

*for those loyal readers out there (if any) thousands apologize i begging you all for a very very long silence.

It's been a while from my last post. I'm sorry for taking so long to update my self here. 12 months might not a big number but it's enough to make my life goes up and down. Hu3. I hope its not too late to wish you Happy New Year 2011. Its just like a blink, I dont realized that Year 2010 is actually gone. A year that full of surprises, happiness and even disappointments. Congratulations to some of you who might have achieved all your wish lists and targets and maybe some of you not yet. As for New Year post, let me start doing a list of my Top 5: The most memorable moments in 2010.

1. Officially Un-Employed and Broke

It is a must to feel down when you cant get things that you want most (while it is possible before). After 5 yrs of being pampered by scholarship, now I'm broke. How does it feels when its so close but yet its too far. Year end sale doesn't make sense anymore. But i take it as a good start for me not to be such a big spender (and it works). Ha3.

2. Of Thinkplus and Arabians

Alhamdulillah, after 2 weeks doing nothing at home, i got a call from who-not-to be-named offering a part-time job as a consultant for Thinkplus. The best word to describe this job, we are acting as external HR. I've got such a wonderful experience while working for this company. Almost half of the staffs are my colleagues and we had chance to go outstation where we took it as a graduation vacation. =)

3. Divorced

Let me tell you the story about the call that change my destiny. Remember, everyday is not Sunday. A call that i expect to be a good news turned out differently. The fact that I've been released by my scholarship founder is just not break my heart but my parents' hope too. I can accept the fact that I'll not working with any of Petronas subs since I've heard about this situation from seniors before, but the hardest part is to make them understand the scenario. Quite a tough period, but Alhamdulillah, I get myself up in a short time. From now on, I'm on my own feet. How hard it is, I've to go through it no matter what happen.

4. The Hunting

The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but u still have to mow it. Going for interviews, career fairs, sign up to Jobstreet and seeking for a job is such a valuable experience i ever had. This is what i dreamt before, seeking for a job by myself. But i didn't dreamt it would be this hard.

5. The Lost

2010 could be one of the sadest year of my life . I lost my closest, bestest and tremendous uncle in my life.
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