a mi manera
Finally got out of my own way

I've Finally started living for today

I finally know that I needed to grow

And finally know that- Fergie

Oceans a part day after day, finally this Internship come to the end. Alhamdulillah, it end up with full colors and just wait and see the grade later on. Amin. Internship did changed me a little bit especially on the way i think and the way i reflect but don't worry, i still the old me . Thank you very much to all Project Team and my beloved supervisors for guiding me through out this programme..And to all my babes, we are Final Year Student at last!!! ha ha ha. Syukur2.

To all my new friends, new contacts, new buddies, best of luck to all of you. Do keep in touch okay. lots of things i want to share about my internship but i think its enough. let it be between those who are there with me. he3. so, there's only few days left for me to prepare myself before step into new semester. i really need to prepare physically and MENTALITY especially. Back to old life style, i think its not that difficult to get used to it. But what i really concern about is TIME constrain. I don't know if its enough for me to fulfill my wish list during this 1 year left as a student, Insyaallah. There are so many things i want to do while I'm being as a student. And there are lots of things also that i scared about. Projects, assignments and what so ever that will be make my life messy and bla bla bla bla.
However, life must go on right? There's a long long journey that I've to go through. Just need the strength and passion on doing things and survive this life. I hope this year will be beyond my imagination and desire. I hope i can fix everything that i mess up during my previous years.. and i hope there are still have tomorrows for me.
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Of Psychic Mak Cik
"Chineese girl, okey. Indian girl, okey. But Malay girl?? very trouble. Hey, dont be hypocrite.....tudung...sex...They are a bad girl..."

Gosh!!! It was yesterday, when I'm out with Lisa and Imah. This mak cik is very irritating, confuse, and a good word to describe her is PSYCHIC i guess. She's a Malay woman, free hair, her age is around 40 plus, quite chubby and not pretty at all. Inside and outside. It started when she's talking about a Malay girl without tudung that luv sex and bla bla bla that i can't catch up clearly. She became very emotional, stressed on 'MALAY girl is a BAD girl' several times and it made us uncomfortable. What a shame. Do respect us as well. Did she realize that we ARE the only Malay girls there? Did she just want to point on us because we are about to buy an ash-tray as a gift for our supervisor? Gosh!!! even the guy at the shop gave the 'look' on her..The point is, do we need to judge people by only on their appearance? Come on. Don't judge a book by its cover. Doesn't meant you are wearing tudung but smoking make u a bad girl. Why did she only stressed on Malay girl wif tudung? .. It's not fair. may be sometimes you are not at the right place and on the right time...oH Mak Cik, I dont bother at all if u saying this to the right people out there. But you humiliated the Malay girl, your own blood in front of other races...ishk2..pelik tapi benar.. Even the Chinese at the shop saying good things to us. may be to make us comfortable and calm i guess... Mak Cik..Mak Cik..hope to see you again. lots of questions i want to ask...
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Colors of Life - 2009
It has been a while i didn't post anything on my blog. Being busy for a while finish up my final presentation, pending weekly reports, as well as my very final report. Alhamdulillah, now it comes to the end of my Internship program also known as my 'honeymoon' time. Sobbing. I hope it is not too late to wish you all Happy New Year 2009. May Allah will bless us now and forever. Amin.

Btw, there are lots of things happened recently either it is expected or not. some of it brighten my days, gave joyness but some of it is very painful to be imagined. This is what we called life i guess. A journey that full of colors and melody. like a stage. You can be the actor or either the director of the play. Also like a slice of pizza, u need to taste every bites of it.

2009 shall be a great journey since it is my Final Year Semester. Alhamdulillah, I make it eventhough it's hard to believe i am away from my interest. This year could be the thoughest year ever in my life. Graduating during economy crisis could be a challenge for me too. But who knows. Just treasure every moment of the journey that shall be a part of of this life.

New Year means my wishlist expending. Yes, Manusia tidak pernah puas. I agreed with that. Eventhought there are my wishes already fulfill during this internship, but it increasing parallel to the desire. Ha ha ha ha. Btw, again, lets pray for the best for this new year 2009. Wachhaaaa!!
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