Panas yg Hensem!!
i went to Ramunia for yard visit last three days. it was 7 hours journey but fully occupied with ceramah agama..which means, good rite? hu3. the bus driver keep playing the Ust.Akhil Hye's forum or sumthing like ceramah along the journey. honestly, it was fun. it made me laughed through out the journey until we arrived at Bandar Penawar.he3..what a surprise, i never thought that the bus station is located in a neighbourhood..hu3..but Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely. but then, we've been told that the ticket going back to KL was sold out. okey, that moment i just thinking that, yes, boley ponteng kerja for the next day~ ha3..but then, my fren solved the problem.and bla bla bla..forget about it. lets talk about the visit. he3. for a very first time, i really want to be an engineer. yes i am..and guys, do pray for me okey.. Enjoy the pic!! hu3 =)


at top of it

on top of jacket

the group

the ramunia
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It's Good to be True
All well known that we are going to celebrate our 51st Independence Day this coming 31st August. But, these past few days and weeks, our newspaper are very busy with political issue, oil price, kidnaps, ah-long, artists divorce, Indonesian, races and etc. These issues is enough to make people crazy to think and live in Malaysia which is labeled as harmony country and all that. Why do people keep arguing each other and keep blaming about an issue that can be solve with a good way. Why do people need to organize the demostration and all that? Honestly, sometimes i felt afraid to go out to shopping mall because of these things. i used to take a cab to go home from LRT station but its cannt be anymore.

One thing that can make Malaysian people to be proud and release is Lee Chong Wei, our badminton player. He's gonna be our 1st medalist tonight and everyone put so much hope on him to win the 1st gold medal during this Olympic 2008. His achievement at least can gives a hope of nation alive and make Malaysian at least to put a side the messy things and celebrate his achievement.

So Lee Chong Wei, good luck and all the best. may force be with you. This post might be quit differ to the previous one. it might be sound pretty serious and diplomatics for me. inilah suara hati.
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Paintball = Pain-ball
i just transferred the pictures from memory card of my digicam to PC. Looking back on the photos, it reminds me to share about my paintball challenge organized by RNZ, celebrating their 15th years anniversary last week at Bukit Jalil Paintball Park. Actually it was my first time hang out with my DSK members.. so i bring my friends from line to accompany me besides, my team lack of girls member.

siap sedia utk berperang!!

position sudah diambil....


x kotor pon kan..he3..

piece from Mr.Hafiz, Mr.Norizan and Mr.Nizam (^.^)

it was fun but very hot day so that my friends and i drive home earlier before my team make it to the semifinal. and Alhamdulillah, they won for 2nd runner up. Congrats guys!!! but, most of them got injured during the game. Too bad~ hu3

p/s: thanks Wak-Lu A and B, for the cashed money..we spent it for pizza~ =P
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Is it true certain date gives certain meaning in our life? people said that 08-08-08 is very 'ong' number. Feng-shui believes in this. and i believe there are many people out there take this opportunity to celebrate their weddings, farewell, honeymoon or maybe did something awful for memoir of their lives. i listen to the radio this morning otw to my office and, how lucky this girl because she's going to celebrate her 20th birthday today.. meaning, her birthday is on 08-08-88. what a beautiful number!! but for me, what i know today is the launch of Olympic in Beijing and thats all. nothing interesting happens today accept one thing.. macob is here! OMG, it's been a while we didn't meet each other and yes, this gathering is full of emotional, exciting and sadness. we talk and talk like we'll never meet again..and the short meeting really gives a relief for us to catch up and share our trainee's life. and not to forget, kenny and imah also were there...

the sad part, today is my last day to have Mrs. Sri Wangi as my supervisor. she's going to resign from PETRONAS and accept other offer which is more advantageous for her..and i do agree with her choice. being with her for this 2 months is a very enjoyable period. she taught me a lot and be such a good friend to me. .but i do accept, setiap pertemuan pasti ade PERPISAHAN.. no matter how much we like sumbody, love sumbody, one day we must let them go..inilah hidup. Kan?
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