Taste of Cherry?
Everyday checking on CIMB clicks finally worth it. Nothing can describe your feelings when you saw the number is changed with add up of rm500 of your savings. Alhamdulillah, thanks to PCSB for the tips. hu3. But this amount is just for a temperory..it only last for couple of days..ha3. giler sakilah. such a big spender i am. he3. but i spent it for good. and shahir, wanna know about Cherry rite? he3..here she is..

Haaa..this is my Cherry..my baby. Owh gosh!! She's so damn cute rite? At first, I'm the only one who take care of her..feed her, clean the cage, and all that..but now, everyone in my family do take care of her..thanx guys..really appreciate it.
Cherry is a very emotional girl. If one day u didnt play with her, she will keep distance from you. how special she is. no word can describe how precious she is. i LOVE her. this is my first time having a pet by my own self.previously, we got a cat..but it has been a while.. and i cant remember how old am i at that time. being the first timer is not that hard if you really wanna try something new. as long as you keep learning and willing to ask experienced people, you can survive Insyaallah. i learned a lot. and i do keep learning until now about her species. pray for my happiness with her..lots to tell you guys but limited of time. catch ya later~

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Be Healthy!! =)
OMG, its been a while i didn't post anything on my blog. first is because there's nothing interesting I can share about for last few weeks, secondly, I'm so lazy to turn on my lappy during weekends, third, I'm so addicted to sleep and forth, I'm very into my Cherry -feeding her, cleaning her cage, talk to her and everything is about her. He3. Being at home for a month is enough to gain ur weight, get double chin, pimples, and one for most, sleep at 8.00pm.ha3. so, when i read uruk's status at ym, i definitely get excited. it has been 2 long I'm not playing futsal or tennis bcz its hard to gather people and get a free court for tennis..at least a cheap one.he3. so i joined them playing futsal last night and guess what..they choose Bangi which is out of my mind!!! jauh tuhhhhhhhhhh..who are them? (pra, bawan, nik, kema, eni, jijo, uruk, gedo, nani, king, md no, and kwn pra)..hurmm...but, thanks to uruk cz organized this futsal..i really enjoyed it.. :-) First 10 minutes, I can run from one goal post to another goal post. i am overzealous. excited until i get tired. really tired. i can feel there's pain everywhere. every joint on my body. OMG, it shows that I have to do something with it. I used to run around the football field for 4 times but now only 10 minutes on game? no no no...ha3. terlebih sudah. overall, futsal sgt best. thanks to pra cz take me home with ur new wife =) bersukan sgt bgs utk kesihatan. i wake 'early' in da morning with joint pain and urat saraf....
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