Earth Hour!!
switch off the lights just for only 60 minutes, the urgent needs for action on

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After 9 weeks of waiting, finally...Its MID TERM BREAK!!!! yahoo!!

To do list:
  1. Vacation (checked)
    i went to Bukit Tinggi for this midterm break. its such a nice place to rest our mind from the hectic days and load of works. with the efforts that I've done, (wake up at 3.00am, have shower during rainy days, convoy from UTP-KL-Bukit Tinggi), it really worth it. eventhough it was one day trip, it was really enjoyable. perhaps because it was my first time being there.. =)

  2. Wake up at 12.00pm (checked)
    oh, this is the first thing i wanna do when im home. after 4 days at home, finally i can wake up at 12.00pm without any distractions. wonder why it takes too long?? it because there is house renovation next to my house and they always wake me up at 8.00am with the noise and drills thingy.haih...

  3. Squash (checked)
    and my OPS Lemak still ON eventhough it is midterm break. squash wif pra, uruk and lisa at presint-9, putrajaya at 11.30am to 2.30pm is enough to give pain to my arms and body. thank God, its rainy day and make my life better.

  4. Burger King (checked)
    how much i miss their burger. Sorry, im not telling that i support the Israel just..desire.

  5. Tidy my room (checkeed)
    he he he. new room, new decoration. not much i can do to decorate my room. just change here and there.. need more ideas and MONEY to make my room alive!!! he3. perhaps my mom satisfied with my wardrobe. he3.

  6. AF 7??? (checked)
    its already 3rd concert isn't it? he3. it has been a while i didn't watched this reality show. but since Tiara Jaquelina is the principle for this season, it really catch my attention.

  7. Play with Ceri (checked)
    and this is the reason why i'm waiting for this midterm break so much. Ceri dh kurus.. =(

  8. Shopping
  9. FYDP, FYP, Msian Studies Project
  10. Meet x-officemates, sifu, SVs
  11. ...........
  12. ...........
and the list will expending. i still dont have dress or attire for my batch dinner. and projects?? i cant install the visio due to sum circumstances. hurm.. need to spend my holiday wisely..!!!
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17 + 5 = 22
Alhamdulillah. i am officially 22 years old today. I WISH;

i could be at home at this time,
but I'm grateful i didn't, because if i do, i will miss the only chance to be at UTP on my birthday...
i could study abroad with my besties,
but I'm grateful i didn't because if i do, i wouldn't know these great people around me...
i could telling the whole world hows lucky I'm,
I'm grateful, eventhought I'm a talkative person, people still patient listen to my stories,

I'm grateful, eventhought I'm not a pretty person, people willing to be friends with me,
I'm grateful, eventhought I'm not a really pick-up person, people still tolerate with me,
I'm grateful, eventhought I'm not a brilliant person, people willing to hear me out..

Thank you to Abah and Mama for being very understanding and patient grew me up until I became a useful human being.. Abe, Kakak and Abe One for being the greatest siblings ever. Always listen, help me out when I'm in trouble. Eventhough we always got fight, I love it and I miss it when I'm far away in Tronoh.

To Cherri who always listen to me. Thank you. From your eyes, it shows everything.

To Syaque and Shahir, thank you very much for the surprise party last time. I really didn't expected it. I will always keep it in my mind as a greatest memories of my life.

Thank you so much to all my friends who are there, being so supportive. Cheer me up when I'm feeling down. Being honest for telling the truth. Being loyal to this friendship. For accepting me as the way I am...And for this 22th Birthday, I do hope my journey will always be cherished with colors and and wonderful moments.

Thank you.
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Being Kids Again Without Any Doubt
This is the very first time i think UTP is the coolest place in this world. (is it?..not really) ha3. it reminds me to the other world that i left behind about two decade ago. Every evening (almost, when its not rainy days), the park next to UTP's lake will be fulled with students playing this layang2.


almost fly..

flying without any doubt..

having pisang goreng as our snacks..

posing time..

with LEMAN..

Being kids again is really something. It is the moment when u'll never felt guilty when hurting someones heart, the moment when you got excited when you knew something new, the moment with friends, brothers, sisters and free. Free from the assignments, tasks, problems, jobs bla bla bla.. Fuhh.. i wish i can fly in the blue sky. Free as a bird. Fresh like the grass. No matter how much we miss it, no matter how much we love it, there's no way to reverse the time.
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