Jangan Jadi Ayam
As usual, i wake up early in the morning. take a train. and ready to work... hurm, im quite happy today cz im gonna to meet my supervisor at klcc for the very first time since my internship already started like 3 weeks ago. im happy bcz finally i can submit my confirmation placement form to utp (that actually have to submit it within one week of placement) ha3. you know me. last minute person. so, here it goes. i met her and i found out that she's quite friendly and very soft spoken. and yes, she's Indonesian. my first task: she ask me to bring a file that weight like tonne i guess to our work station. so today i took a bus from KLCC to GE with the FILE and my books and my handbag and myself. OMG, u can imagine how messy i am with baju kurung di tegah, tenha, tegnah, warghhh how to spell tengah? okey.. tengah hari...plus, i have to stand all the way to the GE with a crowd of people, with the smell, with TRAFFIC JAM. very nice timing. OMG, how LUCKY i am...then, there i am. in front of GE tower. but...at different side of it. i have to cross the super duper hectic road. what can i say, i am the luckiest person in the world today. no one is there to guide me to cross the street. imah and awin, u know how i hate to cross the street rite? dgn ketabahan dan kesungguhan, mimpi pasti jadi kenyataan. thats it. i cross the street with full of confidence. look at the right, look at the left, look at the right again, and i cross the street. i stop at the middle of it since there still have cars came from the opposite direction. and then, there are lovely drivers stop their cars and give me a chance to cross the street.....thank you..and...this is what actually happened. i dont know where it comes from but suddenly there is a motorcycle come from that direction. motor menyelinap di celah2 kereta? OMG, i almost accident? cant believe it.. at that moment, i just think that jgn jadi ayam!! the motorcycle actually touched me. and he almost felt down.. thank GOD. no accident. i can see people are staring at me from the other side. mama, lps ni xmo lintas jln dah~ Alhamdulillah. saya selamat. i didnt look at back after crossed the road. just walk in to the mall and hope everything is gonna be okey, eventhough there are still butterfly in my stomach... Hope tomorrow will be better than today. Amin.
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Wait For Nothing
it almost 3 hours I'm sitting i front of my lappy. always alert with my phone. just have instinct it might be ringing. or it might be receive a msg. or it might be out of battery. or it might be nothing. i dont know. i wait for nothing. it is just a not-doing-anything weekend. and my mouse always click on friendster web page. here i look for updates. my friend's update. I'm very impressed with my friend's achievements. some of them will be a successful engineer. some of them will be our future docs. some of them studied abroad. playing with snows. they all become a successful persons in anytime from now.
At this moment i realized everyone already make their on path. eventhough we used to be classmates, study our same add-maths and biology test books, eat at the same dining hall, live in the same hostel, but we already choose our different path. this is life. a life that full of consequences. wahh, my winamp plays a right song at the right time. "kenagan terindah". the melody match the soul. lalalala. if i can fly to the past. i want all the memories will be recorded in a tape. so that i always can play it. so that it wouldn't fade away...hurm~
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After 10 Years. Still My Friend.

How he looks like? Do he still recognize me? What should i talk to him? Should i start the conversation first? Let me tell you a story that change my destiny. destiny? ha3. No la.. change my plan. he3. What is your reaction when someone call you and said that he want to meet you but.. it has been 10 years ago you don't see him. Jeng3. What is your expectation when you go to see him? What if he thinks that you are a boring person? What if he thinks that you've changed? What if he still expect the OLD you? Wondering...hu3.

Never think that a joke becomes real. This is how the story. Today is my second day at Great Eastern Mall. Been attached to the project there. So, my training will be there for this 8 months onwards. Babes, lepak2 kat Great Eastern Mall la plak..hu3. Our lunch hour is at 1.00pm. As usual, I'll be texting my friend from RNZ to wait for me for lunch at 11.30. Suddenly, my phone was ringing 25 minutes later. And thats it. Unexpected one. What a surprise? Two words can describe my feelings. Excited and nervous. OMG, he's OTW. ha3. But I am who I am. Not really care what people think. Just be the real me. he3.

We have our lunch at my place, bcz i only have one hour- to eat, to chat, to be nervous, to gossip, to toilet, and to meet him. ha3. We never stop chatting while eating. Lie. We are very friendly. True. Hu3. During our conversation, i realize the butterfly is gone. I dont feel nervous anymore. He still the same. Nothing to be nervous pon. We talk and talk like there is no tomorrow. Eventhough 1 hour cannot cover 10 years stories, but at least we update each other. I am happy to see him actually. I appreciate our friendship. Thanks to You. How much friend means a lot to me.

I read this from one site. If they are scared of you when you need help, sorry, that's not friendship. If their attitude is "for better or worse," if they stick by you through thick and thin, that's when you can tell it's friendship. I do have some friends, but not as many as I thought. A friend will tell you when he or she thinks you're full of shit, but always casts it that way, never as a statement of fact. Hurm..

After 10 years, he still my friend. Glad to see you. =)
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The Good Old Days
It has been 2 weeks I work as a trainee in PCSB, klcc. What a release when it comes to weekend - no need to wake up at 6.00, no need to queue for train, no need to stand up in the train for almost half an hour, and one for most, i can sleep as long as i want. he3 =)
But i cannot run away from one thing. I need to study. But its ok. Ive given a task and that task has to be done with passion. Believe me? Dont. he3. I learned to think positively these days. It makes me feel better I guess. The way we think is the decision for the next step. But making decisions is not my expertize.

Forget about it. Hurm, I just finished watch the video clips of Euphonious. Seems like my post are too wordy, so here i upload some pictures of it during our jamming session and also during the final. Thank God. We manage to the final but only got consolation prize. He3. Its not about win or lose but the journey to the end of it is one of the best thing that happened in my life.


I never expect that I'll be one of this band. I never dreams that I'll be one of this finalist. But thats it. Alhamdulillah. People always planned but the best planner is up-there. We never know what is going to be next. How i miss the good old days. Old? Not that old. hu3.I miss the time when we go for jamming, escape the class, live like a fox, cari kereta, sound check, mapley at 4.00a.m? This is how I gain my weight. Ha3.

stand (l-r): steala,tius, majin, ME, faliq
sit (l-r): sebest, lisa, gedo, pet

So, I really need to be on diet during this internship programme. But tell me how can i reduce my weight? The condition is like this. I live with my family- my home, my bed, my kitchen, my fridge, my food. Works in aircond environment, always got free food since my work station just next to meeting room, go and back home by train, and sleep at 12.00a.m. hu3. This is my new schedule as being a trainee. He3.

its over...

Talk about old days, I want to share something that really make sense. Someone told me this:

"Don't live in your past. Lets the past being a good teacher for your future.

How much you miss the past, you cannot change a thing of it."

but its okey...

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Being in the office on my first day is not that awkward. I still can find my course mates in my own department, got briefing which gather all of us (UTP trainees) and such an ice breaking which was a common thing that introduced our selves to the seniors (who are also the UTP students).
But when you have to sit down and do your readings is a weird thing because it such like my study week back then in UTP...
when you have to wake up early in the morning (6.30 am) is a weird thing since it has been awhile i didn't woke up this early.. the last time is in SEMASHUR I guess....
you have to wait until 1pm for lunch is a weird thing since it has been awhile I didn't tied with this schedule...
you have to dress up formally is a weird thing since I only wear jeans and slippers to my class...
But what i can summarize here is, all my daily life has to change back to my old boarding school. SEMASHUR. At this moment, I wonder what my friends doing after about 6 months they fly to overseas. Syaque, Fana, Shahir, and Nab. Not to forget Epul and Mizah. Make sure you come here and visit me at KLCC when you guys came back to Malaysia...
Im writing this post during working hours in KLCC. NO SKIP. But doing 'research' in PETRONAS Resource Centre. (Boss, dont scold me!!). Ha3. Actually, i dont have any yet. Shes out for site visit or something...
Opps, gtg. Later~
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From Top To Toe!!
OMG, It was late. My hand quickly reached my hand phone and start to text Awin:

"Awin, dh bgn blum. Ak br bgn..so myb lmbt sket yek. Msg ak dlu b4 grak taw".

Yes, I got plan. Since my scholarship dh masuk, so I plan to go out with Awin. Why? Because we didn't go out for shopping since Bandung trip. (That was last semester break daaa... ) Itu sangat lama. Hu3. So, here we go. One Utama. Since there is the best mall for us to shop. Easy and worth it. Even though the beginning is not that fun, because we got the wrong way, stuck in traffic jam for half an hour, have to make a call for rescue, round the same round about for at least 4 times, but finally we reached there after 2 hours drive. ( it actually takes 20 minutes from my home to OU.LOL.) Ha3.

So, after stuck in the car for almost 2 hours, the very first place that we catch up is Shogun. Its not a place such a karaoke box or something but it is a food restaurant which serve up the sushi buffet, western, and etc. It worth it with RM 40++ to eat that kind of meals, but unfortunately our stomach cannot accommodate too much food. Ha3. (Itu tipu..). After one hour we spent our time there, we start the shopping thing.

You wont believe it if i said that we shop from top to toe. We got sandals, we got pants, we got belt, we got dress. Ha3. it was fun when u spent your money. But at the end, when look at your purse and see only blue sheets, its not fun anymore. I broke. Ha3. Shopping is a fun thing!!

I'm waiting for next month scholarship!!

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