Ramadhan and Final Year
It has been a while after my last post. I think the load of works made me overlook on my dearest blog. Hu3. Im sorry dear. Alhamdulillah, finally its already 19 days we all Muslims celebrate our Ramadhan.. and I'm looking forward of bebuka at Masjid tomorrow. Insyaallah. Seems dis is my final year, i wanna try everything, EVERYTHING, every single thing that a student shud try.

Ramadhan dis year is quit different compare to my previous one. This year I celebrate Ramadhan wif my beloved babes and friends in UTP. Wake up early in the morning, having our sahur together is very interesting. Eventhough it ALWAYS nasi putih+ serunding Imah, but having it wif my friends is kinda enjoyable. ngah3. (Mama, if u read dis plz dont be sad. ur daughter is still big and healthy as usual. =P) and da important is, we cook for berbuka (sometimes). Hu3.

And now Ramadhan is going to the end. Im going to miss this month very much. The bazar and tarawikh at Masjid will be one of the best memory as i leave UTP soon. When we miss our HOME, we can go back and having berbuka wif our family, but whenever we miss UTP after dis, its hard to gather all our friends to have da same experience again. This is fact dat everyone has to go through.

Before that:-
  1. Facilities project (still in progress)
  2. Final Year Project - lab, reports
  3. Operation Management project (McDonalds, here we go)
  4. Engineering in Society project - have no idea at all!!
  5. HRM project - the lecturer jz posted da title dis evening
  6. Final Year Design Project - major equipment in progress
Owh, projects for every subject dat i enrolled.

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7 Responses
  1. oyenks Says:

    enjoy ur time too
    jgn stress sangat
    nanti boleh jd gile ;P

  2. RuGGers |8| Says:

    tol tu bu..jgn sedih2..nnti ade wrinkle2..he3..nk duit raye!!!

  3. Sakilah Says:

    hu3..im not stress kwn2..just list up wat to do, and wat i'hav done. hu3. btw, thanks for ur concern.

    Rudy, nk duit raya dtg la umah nnti yer.. =)

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